By Rachel Shapiro Updated April 20, 2021
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If you’re looking for a modern online LSAT prep course, try LSATMax. In this review, we’ll take you through everything LSATMax has to offer to help you decide if it’s right for you.

LSATMax LSAT at a glance

Ease of use
Value for money

LSATMax offers an on-demand online course designed to be done on your own schedule. They have over 100 hours of video lessons, thousands of practice questions, and weekly virtual office hours. They also have tutoring services.

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LSATMax’s course is perfect for students and professionals who are looking for a flexible, self-guided course. The course is also great for anyone who learns best through watching videos and doing practice drills.

What we love

We love that LSATMax has both video and audio lessons in their online course. We also like that they have an app and hardcopy textbooks. Plus, we love that you can talk to LSATMax’s instructors anytime through their message board and virtual office hours. We also like their practice test analytics.

Keep in mind

LSATMax doesn’t offer any live online or in-person classes. Everything is done on your own time. Some of the videos are also a bit dry. They also don’t have a good search function for their online lessons.

Plans and pricing

Value for money: 7/10

LSATMax has three plans: LSATMax 60, LSATMax 180, and LSATMax 365. LSATMax 60 gives you 60 days of access and costs $595. LSATMax 180 costs $995 and provides 180 days of access. LSATMax 365 costs $1,400 and gives a year of access.

These prices don’t include LSAC Prep Plus. You can add Prep Plus to any plan for $99.

All three plans have the same features. You’ll get access to LSATMax’s online course with over 100 hours of video lessons, weekly office hours, four textbooks, detailed analytics, and a digital LSAT simulator. You’ll also get personalized support from LSATMax’s 99th percentile instructors.

LSATMax also has one-on-one tutoring. Their tutoring services cost $250 an hour. Or, you can buy a tutoring package. The packages range in price from $2,295 for a 10-hour package to $9,995 for a 50-hour package.

LSATMax’s plans are a bit pricy compared to other fully online prep courses. Still, their course does feature tons of great content that’s sure to leave you feeling ready for the LSAT.

Ease of use

Ease of use: 10/10

LSATMax has a modern online dashboard that features bold colors and an easy-to-navigate interface. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see symbols that take you to the different parts of the course. These symbols are easy to understand—for example, a calendar symbol takes you to your study schedule. If you’re unsure what a symbol means, you can expand the menu. Then, you’ll see each page’s name. You’ll be able to move around the dashboard in no time.

The dashboard works just as well on a phone or tablet as it does on a computer. Plus, LSATMax has a free mobile app. You can access all of your lessons here, and you can also talk to instructors through the app.

If you want to do some pen-and-paper studying, LSATMax also has four textbooks. These textbooks include more practice questions and strategies for acing the LSAT.

LSATMax’s online dashboard is one of their biggest selling points. It’s user-friendly, clean, and well-designed.

What students think

Popularity: 8/10

Many former students were happy with LSATMax. Many said their LSAT score increased after doing the course. Other students said their tutors were very helpful.

There were a few negative reviews about LSATMax’s videos. Some reviewers felt the videos could have been more in-depth. Other reviewers wished that were more explanation videos with the practice test questions. Overall, though, there were far more positive reviews than negative ones.

Our experience

LSATMax promises a modern online course, and we found that they delivered on this promise. The online dashboard was easy to navigate and had tons of useful features, including their analytics and practice questions. We also liked how easy it was to message instructors. Plus, we like that LSATMax provided a mobile app and textbooks.

Why take the LSATMax LSAT prep course

Online Course With Video and Audio Lessons

LSATMax’s online course has about 40 sections. Within each of these sections, you’ll find a mix of video lessons, podcast-style audio lessons, flashcards, and practice questions.

When you log in to your online dashboard, you’ll see all the sections. At the top of the screen, there’s a ‘filter’ button. You can use this to filter the sections by logic games, reading comprehension, and logical reasoning.

When you start a new section, the first thing you’ll typically do is watch a video. LSATMax offers over 100 hours of video lessons. These videos feature an instructor talking in a voiceover as notes appear on the screen. The instructor will work through problems with you on the screen.

Every video has a ‘rewind 10 seconds’ button you can use if you miss anything the instructor says. You can also speed the video up or slow it down. The videos all have closed captioning.

Underneath the video, there’s a discussion space where you can talk with your fellow test-takers about the lesson. Instructors will also frequently respond to students’ questions.

The videos vary in length. Some are just a few minutes long. Others are over an hour. On the righthand side of the screen, you’ll see all the topics in the video and the timestamps where they start. Click on the topic’s name to skip straight to that topic.

Some sections also have audio lessons to go along with the videos. These feature an instructor talking in a voiceover. Most audio lessons include a written component that elaborates on what the instructor is saying.

Practice Questions and Flashcard Drills

After you watch a video lesson, you’ll do a set of practice questions. These help reinforce what you learned. The practice questions are all multiple choice. You can gray out wrong answers as you work through the problems. Plus, every question has a video explanation that guides you through how to solve the problem. There’s also a discussion board included with each problem. You can talk to instructors about the problem here.

Some sections also include virtual flashcards to flip through. While there are no explanations included with the flashcards, they’re helpful for quick practice. Between the practice questions and flashcard drills, LSATMax has over 6,000 practice questions.

LSAT Test Simulator

You can add on LSAC Prep Plus Access to your LSATMax subscription for $99. Here, you can access every past LSAT test. To ensure that you’re ready for test day, LSATMax offers an LSAT test simulator. This program simulates the feeling of test day by timing each section.

If you’d like to practice with a virtual proctor, LSATMax has a proctor app. Download the app to your phone, and turn it on when you start the practice test. The digital proctor will guide you through the test.

LSAT Analytics

LSATMax also has a useful analytics page to go along with their LSAT test simulator. After you do a practice test, this page will start filling in with information. You’ll see how you scored on each section of the LSAT. You can also look through all the questions you got right and wrong. The analytics zero in on your specific weaknesses. This helps you decide where to focus your studying as you move forward.

Message Board

Even though LSATMax’s course is self-guided, you won’t be alone. You can message LSATMax’s instructors anytime you like through their message board. You can also talk to your fellow test-takers through the message board. Type in the @ symbol and their username, and you’ll be able to talk to anyone you’d like.

Virtual Office Hour Sessions

LSATMax hosts weekly virtual office hour sessions. The sessions are hosted by LSATMax’s top-scoring instructors. They’ll typically focus on one topic, such as logical reasoning or logic games. The instructor will share their screen and show notes and practice questions.

The sessions are usually about an hour long. During these live sessions, you can ask LSATMax’s instructors any questions you have about the LSAT or about LSATMax’s program.

Tutoring Services

If you want to work one-on-one with an instructor, LSATMax has tutoring services. LSATMax’s tutors are all 99th-percentile LSAT scorers who know the test backward and forward.

After you’re matched with a tutor, you’ll do an evaluation. This will show your tutor your strengths and weaknesses. Your tutor will then give you a customized study plan based on your evaluation and score goals. LSATMax’s tutoring services are perfect for any student looking for a personalized experience.

Mobile App

LSATMax has a mobile app that features the same modern dashboard as their online course. After you sign-in on the app, you can access all of your lessons, practice tests, and practice questions. If the phone screen is too small for you, you can also stream their videos on Apple TV. This app is perfect if you want to keep doing LSAT prep when you’re away from your computer.

Four Hardcopy Textbooks

Along with all of their great digital offerings, LSATMax also provides four textbooks with their course. These textbooks include lessons and more practice questions. The textbooks are a good companion to the digital course.

Free Trial and Free Resources

LSATMax has a free trial that includes limited access to their online course. During the trial, you can watch a few videos, listen to some audio lessons, do practice questions, and try flashcard drills. You can also do one free practice test, and you’ll get to see your analytics for the test. You can also watch previous office hour sessions. All in all, LSATMax’s free trial gives you a solid understanding of what the full course is like.

LSATMax also has free resources on their website. This includes a blog with test strategies and general tips for applying to law school. They also have a free LSAT eBook called “The Road to 180.” Plus, they have a list of the top 100 law schools. They continually update this list.

Study Calendars

LSATMax provides a set of downloadable study calendars. These calendars all cover five months. For example, the study calendar for the June LSAT test date runs from February to June. It shows you what you should be studying every day to get you ready for test day.

While these calendars aren’t as helpful as the personalized study schedules some test prep courses provide, they do help you plan out your time. You can always use the study calendars as a starting point and then customize them to make them work for your schedule.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you start LSATMax’s course and find it isn’t right for you, you can get your money back. Email LSATMax within seven days of starting the course and they’ll give you a full refund.

Score Increase Guarantee

LSATMax also has a score increase guarantee. If your score doesn’t go up after doing the course, you can get your money back.

To use the guarantee, you’ll need a baseline score. If you took the LSAT before doing LSATMax’s course, use this as your score. Or, you can do LSATMax’s diagnostic exam and use that as your baseline score.

If your LSAT score doesn’t go up after doing LSATMax’s course, email them your score report within two weeks of your test date. Then, LSATMax will give you a refund.

Keep in mind

No Live Classes

LSATMax doesn’t have any live classes. Their entire course is done online and on your own time. If you learn best in a classroom setting, this may not be the course for you.

No Search Function for Lessons

While LSATMax’s dashboard is mostly easy to navigate, the one thing they’re missing is a good search function for their lessons. If you want to find a lesson, you’ll have to simply keep scrolling until you find it.

Videos Could Be More Engaging

Some former students felt that the instructors in LSATMax’s videos could be more engaging. They felt that the instructors were a bit flat and dry. This made it hard for them to concentrate on what was being said in the videos.

The final grade

Overall: 4/5

If you’re looking for an online course that you can do on your own time, LSATMax is a good choice. With over 100 hours of videos and thousands of practice questions, you won’t have to worry about running out of study material. Plus, if you have questions, you can always attend one of their weekly live sessions. LSATMax is a great alternative to traditional classroom test prep courses.

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