Manhattan Prep LSAT Review

By Rachel Shapiro Updated April 20, 2021
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If you’re looking for an LSAT course with high-quality videos and top-notch instructors, Manhattan Prep is a good choice for you. In this review, we’ll walk you through what you’ll find in this LSAT prep course—both the good and the bad.

Manhattan Prep LSAT at a glance

Ease of use
Value for money

Manhattan Prep offers both a self-directed online LSAT course and a course that includes live classes. They’re known for their small classes taught by experienced instructors. They also offer interactive video lessons. There are some downsides to Manhattan Prep, including the fact that they don’t give refunds. Overall, though, Manhattan Prep is right for anyone looking for a comprehensive course.

Recommended for...

If you learn best with lots of hands-on instruction in a small classroom, Manhattan Prep is great for you. This course is also perfect for visual learners who enjoy watching and engaging with videos. Plus, since Manhattan Prep provides textbooks and workbooks, the course is good for those who like studying with physical materials.

What we love

We enjoy watching Manhattan Prep’s interactive videos, and we like how they keep students engaged by asking questions. We also like that they offer so many practice questions, and we like that they have textbooks. Plus, we like that they keep their classes small and that they only have highly-qualified instructors.

Keep in mind

Manhattan Prep doesn’t provide a score increase guarantee. They also have a no refunds policy. They’re one of the only prep courses that doesn’t give refunds. We also wish their online platform were a bit easier to navigate.

Plans and pricing

Value for money: 9/10

Manhattan Prep offers both self-guided courses and instructor-led courses. These plans come at a wide variety of price points.

If you’re looking for a self-directed course, Interact Complete is perfect for you. This course costs $799. For this price, you’ll get six months of access to the online Interact course. The course includes over 60 hours of interactive lessons, homework explanations, and challenge sets. It also features integration with official LSAC Prep Plus Digital Practice Exams. Plus, you’ll get a set of three textbooks.

Manhattan Prep also has an Interact Complete + Coaching course. This course costs $1,099. It includes everything in the Interact Complete course, and it also offers two 1-hour coaching sessions with an expert instructor.

If you want to do a course with classroom hours, try the Complete Course. This course costs $1,499. It includes 36 hours of live instruction and a set of textbooks. You’ll also get access to the online Interact course.

If you’re also interested in one-on-one coaching, try the Complete Course + Coaching. This course costs $1,799. It includes two 1-hour coaching sessions.

Manhattan Prep also has private tutoring packages. These range in price from $2,450 for a 10-hour package to $4,600 for a 20-hour package. This package also includes access to Interact, and it comes with a set of textbooks.

If you’re unsure if Manhattan Prep is the right choice for you, they have a seven-day trial. Be aware that Manhattan Prep doesn’t provide refunds. Because of that, you’ll want to be sure about taking the course before buying it.

Manhattan Prep offers tons of high-quality material both in the classroom and online. Their prices are comparable to similar LSAT courses. Because of that, Manhattan Prep is overall good value for your money.

Ease of use

Ease of use: 8/10

Manhattan Prep’s online platform has a clean, uncluttered design. However, the one negative with the platform is it’s hard to navigate at first. It isn’t immediately clear where the lessons are. The sidebar is also a bit hard to understand. This is because the sidebar only shows symbols unless you open it. Until you learn what the symbols mean, you’ll spend a lot of time opening and closing the sidebar.

After you spend some time clicking around the platform, you’ll be able to navigate it. Still, all in all, the platform isn’t as easy to understand as many other prep courses’ platforms.

Manhattan Prep doesn’t have a mobile app, but their online platform is mobile-responsive. You can do everything on your phone and tablet that you can on your computer. This includes doing practice questions and watching video lessons.

Manhattan Prep also provides a set of textbooks with all their courses. These textbooks have tons of useful practice questions. You’ll typically be sent your textbooks right after you sign up for the course.

What students think

Popularity: 9/10

The majority of student reviews for Manhattan Prep’s LSAT course are positive. Many students praised their instructors and said they helped raise their LSAT score. Other students had positive things to say about what was taught in the course. One student said the material felt more in-depth than other prep courses’ study material. Another student said they loved the LSAT Navigator feature since it helped pinpoint their weaknesses.

There were a few negative reviews about the online course. One student felt the online course wasn’t user-friendly. Some other students wished there were a mobile app. But overall, students had mostly good things to say about Manhattan Prep and their instructors.

Our experience

Overall, we found that Manhattan Prep did what it claimed to do. We found their video lessons engaging, and we loved the interactive elements. We also liked the practice questions at the end of each lesson, and we liked that Manhattan Prep included video reviews.

We also liked that Manhattan Prep provides textbooks. These books worked well as a supplement to the course. We also found it easy to do practice tests on Manhattan Prep’s platform. We liked that they scored the tests too.

It took a little while to learn how to navigate the online platform, but once we did, everything was easy to use. Manhattan Prep has created an LSAT course that’s designed with student engagement and success in mind.

Why take the Manhattan Prep LSAT prep course

Lessons With Interactive Videos

Manhattan Prep’s online platform, Atlas, features useful lessons with interactive videos. These videos feature an instructor talking as notes appear on the screen next to them. The lessons discuss the types of questions you’ll see on the LSAT. They also give you an in-depth look at the sections on the test. If you miss anything the instructor says, transcripts are included with each video.

Manhattan Prep is one of the only LSAT prep courses that has interactive videos. As you’re watching the videos, questions will appear on the screen. After you choose an answer, the instructor walks you through the problem to help you understand it more.

You’ll also do drills and practice problems as you go through the lessons. These drills help reinforce what you learned in the lesson.

At the end of each lesson, you’ll do a challenge set. These include five difficult questions. Video explanations are offered with each challenge question. These explanations help you understand how to solve any problems that you got wrong.

In total, there are 60 hours of video lessons available. While this is fewer hours than some of Manhattan Prep’s competitors, every minute of these videos is well-used.

LSAT Practice Tests and LSAT Navigator

Manhattan Prep includes access to LSAC Prep Plus Digital Practice Exams in the price of their course. Here, you’ll be able to practice with over 80 past LSAT exams. Manhattan Prep also has a proctor tool on their online platform. This proctor tool times you as you take the test. It helps simulate the feeling of test day.

Another unique tool that Manhattan Prep provides is their LSAT Navigator. The Navigator grades your LSAT for you. It then places your score on a chart. On this chart, you’ll be able to see your performance over time. You can also see how you’re performing on specific sections. For example, you could just look at your scores on the Logic Games section.

The LSAT Navigator also gives explanations for answers that you missed. Plus, there’s a place where you can add your own notes about a question.

Physical Textbooks

Manhattan Prep provides textbooks for both their online course and their instructor-led course. After you sign up for the course, you’ll be sent the Logical Reasoning Strategy Guide, Logic Games Strategy Guide, Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide, and 10 New, Actual Official LSAT PrepTests with Comparative Reading. You’ll also get The 5 lb. Book of LSAT Practice Drills. This book features over 5,000 practice questions. These textbooks are chock-full of useful information. They work as great supplements to the online course.

Small Classes with Knowledgeable Instructors

Many students have left positive reviews about Manhattan Prep’s classes. The instructors are all top LSAT scorers who are incredibly knowledgeable about the test. Manhattan Prep keeps their classes small, ensuring that you get a lot of time to interact with your instructor. You’ll also be given about 10-15 hours of homework a week to drill-in the concepts you learned in class.

Classes are offered both in-person and online. If you miss a class, you can watch an online lesson to catch up.

Seven-Day Free Trial

Before you buy your Manhattan Prep LSAT course, test the course out with a free trial. Manhattan Prep provides seven-day free trials. During this trial, you’ll get access to two 90-minute interactive video lessons and two challenge sets. You can also take one practice test. The trial gives you a good sense of what you can expect from Manhattan Prep’s full course.

Free Content and Free Classes

Manhattan Prep has a good amount of free content on their website. This includes the LSAT Arcade. Here, you can play games that teach important LSAT concepts. For example, if you’d like to practice ‘if/then’ statements, try playing ‘If…/Then.’ Or, if you want to work on inference questions, play ‘Ah Hah.’ You can also work on identifying premises, assumptions, and conclusions with ‘Could It Be.’ After you finish a game, you can review all your answers. The LSAT Arcade is a fun way to drill LSAT concepts.

Manhattan Prep also has a blog that’s filled with LSAT tips and tricks. In addition, they have a Logic Games archive. Here, you can read through questions written by Manhattan Prep’s LSAT instructors. Plus, Manhattan Prep has a free forum where you can ask your peers and instructors any questions you have about the test.

If you’d like to try out a class, Manhattan Prep offers a free online trial class. This class is three hours long. They also regularly host free LSAT prep hours. In this hourlong online class, an LSAT expert teaches you strategies and tips for acing the test.

Private Tutoring and Coaching

If you want to work one-on-one with an instructor, Manhattan Prep offers tutoring and coaching services. Their tutors are all LSAT experts who scored in the 99th-percentile of the test. If you’re someone who learns best through personalized lessons, Manhattan Prep’s tutoring packages are a good choice for you.

Keep in mind

No Score Increase Guarantee

Many LSAT prep courses have a score increase guarantee. These courses promise to give you your money back if your LSAT score doesn’t go up after doing the course. However, Manhattan Prep doesn’t provide this kind of guarantee with their course. They’re one of the only major prep courses that doesn’t have a score increase guarantee.

No Refund Policy

Many prep course companies have a refund policy. For example, Magoosh offers a seven-day money back guarantee. Manhattan Prep doesn’t have any sort of refund policy with their courses, though. Once you buy the course, you’re fully committed.

Because Manhattan Prep doesn’t give refunds, make sure the course is right for you before you buy it. Take advantage of their free class and the free study materials on their website. Also, be sure to do their seven-day trial. This way, you’ll know what you’re getting when you buy Manhattan Prep’s course.

No Mobile App

Manhattan Prep doesn’t have an LSAT-focused mobile app. However, you can do their course on your phone. The course is mobile-responsive and designed to work just as well on a phone as it does on a computer.

More Expensive Tutoring

Manhattan Prep has some of the most expensive LSAT tutoring prices on the market. Their tutoring service start at $205 per hour. In comparison, Princeton Review’s tutoring starts at $167 per hour.

The final grade

Overall: 4/5

Manhattan Prep offers an engaging, interactive online course featuring tons of helpful practice materials. They also have small live classes with teachers who have earned high praise from their past students. There are a few downsides to Manhattan Prep, including their no refund policy and their lack of a score increase guarantee. Overall, though, Manhattan Prep’s top-notch prep course is perfect for anyone who wants to ace the LSAT.

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