The 8 Best LSAT Prep Books

By Rachel Shapiro Updated April 22, 2021

The LSAT is a tough test with questions that are designed to trick students. To ace the test, you’ll need to study everything from logic to reading comprehension to how arguments are constructed. Plus, since you have such a short time for each section, it’s a good idea to brush up on time-saving strategies.

One way to learn about all these concepts is through LSAT prep books. LSAT prep books feature practice tests, practice questions, lessons, and strategies. Doing these lessons and practice questions will help you feel more confident on test day.

If you can’t decide which LSAT prep book to buy, we’re here to help. We’ve gone through all the major LSAT prep books and found the best ones for test-takers. If you’re ready to begin preparing for the LSAT, read on to learn about the best LSAT prep books.

Why Use an LSAT Prep Book?

A prep book is a good way to learn about the types of questions you’ll see on the LSAT. Prep books often have practice questions from past LSATs. Doing these questions helps familiarize you with the reading comprehension passages, arguments, and logic games on the test.

Prep book vs online course

LSAT prep books are good for anyone who prefers studying with physical materials. They’re also great for studying while you’re out and about. Many test prep companies offer textbooks with their online courses. Since the LSAT is done on a computer, it’s a good idea to use both prep books and online courses when studying.

Most Comprehensive: Manhattan Prep’s LSAT Strategy Guide Set

Manhattan Prep’s LSAT Strategy Guide Set

Manhattan Prep’s strategy set comes with three books: one on logic games, one on reading comprehension, and one on logical reasoning. The logic games book has detailed diagrams and charts to help you master even the trickiest questions. The analytical reasoning book shows you how to analyze and break down arguments. The reading comprehension book gives tips for how to answer questions quickly and accurately.

Along with the three books, you’ll also get an access code for Manhattan Prep’s online platform. Here, you can watch videos and do more practice problems. Manhattan Prep’s books are comprehensive and have tons of useful test-taking strategies.

Why we like it

We love all the practice questions and strategies in the book. We also like that Manhattan Prep provides online materials to go along with their strategy set.

Keep in mind

This prep set is pricier than other options on this list. Still, with thousands of pages of material, you’ll be getting a lot for your money.

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Best for Practice Tests: 10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests

10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests

If you learn best by doing practice tests, this book is perfect for you. This book was published by LSAC, the organization that administers the LSAT. The book has 10 past LSATs. There are also writing section samples available. Answer keys are included so you can check your work.

If you want to simulate the feeling of test day, this book is a good choice for you. This prep test book is affordable and perfect for anyone who wants to work through practice tests during their LSAT prep time.

Why we like it

We like how this book has 10 full practice tests in one convenient place. We also like that they have writing samples and answer keys with every test.

Keep in mind

While answer keys are provided, there are no answer explanations available. You won’t be able to learn why you got a question wrong. Because of that, you may want to use additional online resources or other textbooks with more explanations.

Best for Test-Taking Strategies: The LSAT Trainer

The LSAT Trainer

Looking to dive into LSAT strategies? The LSAT Trainer is what you need. The LSAT Trainer walks you through the purpose behind questions rather than just telling you how to solve them. This book includes strategies for every single question type. You can practice these strategies with the book’s 200 practice questions. The book also has 30 unique drills that help you develop LSAT-specific habits and skills.

The book also features a study schedule you can fill out with your test dates. It also has a notebook organizer to keep your notes neat and tidy while you’re studying.

Why we like it

This book is unique in the way it approaches LSAT questions. It’s one of the few books that goes into the purpose of the questions. Plus, we like that this book has strategies for every question type.

Keep in mind

While this book is chock-full of strategies, it doesn’t have as many practice questions as other LSAT prep books. If practice questions and tests are what you’re looking for, you may want to choose a different book.

Best for Answer Explanations: PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy

PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy

The PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy features three books, one on each LSAT section. In total, there are over 2,000 pages in these books. This isn’t a case of quantity over quality, though. The trilogy is renowned for its detailed strategies, practice questions, and time management lessons. However, the thing these books are most highly praised for is their answer explanations.

The trilogy’s answer explanations are in-depth and help you understand each question. Their logic games book is particularly useful. They break each game down in a way that helps you fully understand these tricky questions.

Why we like it

We like that this trilogy has a book for each LSAT section. We also like how in-depth the strategies and answer explanations are. Plus, we like that they include sections on time management.

Keep in mind

This book set is a bit pricy compared to other LSAT prep books. Also, the book doesn’t have any full-length practice tests. There are only drills available.

Best for Beginners: Introducing the LSAT

Introducing the LSAT

When you’re just starting your LSAT prep, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. The LSAT covers so much material it can be hard to know where to begin. That’s where Introducing the LSAT comes in.

This book is about 100 pages long, and it gives a concise overview of the three LSAT sections. The book also provides in-depth looks at all of the question types on the LSAT. It’s written in a humorous, engaging tone. Students find this book particularly good for the logic games section.

Many reviewers said this book took away the fear factor of the LSAT. It gave them the confidence to dive into their test prep.

Why we like it

We love how concise this book is and the witty voice used. We also like all the strategies discussed and the way the book dives into each question type.

Keep in mind

Introducing the LSAT isn’t comprehensive. It doesn’t have many practice questions or any practice tests. While this book will teach you the basics of the LSAT, you’ll most likely need to purchase another book or two for more practice.

Best for Logic Games: Kaplan’s LSAT Logic Games Prep

Kaplan's LSAT Logic Games Prep

When asked which part of the LSAT is the trickiest, the majority of students will say logic games. If you need help preparing for this tough section, try Kaplan’s LSAT Logic Games Prep.

This book offers breakdowns of each type of game, and it gives strategies for the games. The book also has tons of practice questions to apply what you learned.

In addition, the book has an access code that allows you to log onto Kaplan’s online platform. Here, you can watch logic games videos on their LSAT channel and do more practice questions.

Why we like it

We like how this book provides in-depth looks at every type of logic game. We also like all the strategies and the fact that an online access code is included.

Keep in mind

While this book is great for logic games, it isn’t comprehensive. If you want to also work on your reading comprehension and argument-analyzing skills, this isn’t the book for you. Some other reviewers also said that this book is better for beginners. They said students who have been studying for a while will be familiar with most of the strategies.

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Best Budget Book: Mometrix’s LSAT Prep Books 2020-2021: LSAT Secrets Study Guide

Mometrix's LSAT Prep Books 2020-2021: LSAT Secrets Study Guide

Mometrix’s LSAT Secrets Study Guide is a budget book that doesn’t skimp on content. Within the book’s 350 pages, you’ll find helpful practice questions. Detailed answer explanations are included with all the practice questions. Plus, the book has two full practice tests. You’ll also get full reviews of each LSAT section and strategies to help you ace the test.

The book also comes with an online access code. Here, you can watch video tutorials. If you’re a visual learner, these videos are perfect for you.

Why we like it

It’s great that this book has practice tests and practice questions with answer explanations. We also loved the video tutorials that go along with this book.

Keep in mind

Some reviewers wished that the book taught diagramming for logic games. They also wished there were more examples of diagrams. Some other reviewers felt some of the practice question explanations could have been more detailed.

Best for Reading Comprehension: The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension

The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension

If you’re struggling with reading comprehension, The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension is what you need. Created by test prep company Blueprint, this book shows you how to categorize passages based on structure, a skill that helps immensely on test day. Plus, Blueprint’s book provides time-saving strategies.

You can practice the skills you learn with the book’s practice questions. Blueprint offers 33 real LSAT passages and practice questions from past LSATs. Since these reading passages are from real LSATs, you can be assured that they’re similar to what you’ll see on test day.

Why we like it

We like that this book gives an in-depth look at reading comprehension, and we love that they offer so many strategies. It’s also great to practice with real LSAT reading passages.

Keep in mind

This book doesn’t cover logic games or argument-based questions. If you’d also like to study these subjects, this may not be the book for you.