The 7 Best LSAT Prep Courses

By Rachel Shapiro Updated May 05, 2021
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You’ve signed up for the LSAT, and now you’re wondering how to get ready for this standardized test. The LSAT is famous for its tricky logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and logic game questions. To do well on this test, you’ll need to be prepared. That’s where LSAT prep courses come in.

Every LSAT prep course has something different to offer students. Some are fully online. Others include live classes and online lessons. If you’re unsure which course is right for you, we’re here to help. We studied seven top LSAT prep courses and discovered their positives and negatives. Now, we’re passing this knowledge onto you. Read on to learn all you need to know about these LSAT prep courses.

Magoosh logo
Best for the budget conscious


Magoosh offers a self-paced online course that’s great for busy students who are looking for flexibility. Their customizable practice sections are perfect for those who learn best through doing practice questions. Their video explanations also make this course a good choice for visual learners.

Magoosh offers an online, self-directed LSAT prep course. Their course has over 7,000 practice questions and over 90 hours of video lessons. Magoosh also has one of the most budget-friendly LSAT courses. The course costs $299 for 12 months of access.

One of the biggest positives of Magoosh’s course is their online dashboard. It’s user-friendly and has detailed progress charts. They also have two mobile apps: one for flashcards and one with video lessons.

Most former students had good things to say about Magoosh. Many students praised the flexibility of the course. Others said their score increased after doing the course. There were a few negative reviews about the lack of live classes, though.

Magoosh provides a prep course that’s full of useful video lessons and practice questions. It’s a good choice for anyone who wants a budget-friendly online course.

Why take the Magoosh LSAT course

Personalized Dashboard

The modern dashboard has pie charts that show your progress.

Custom and Timed Practice Sections

With timed practice, you get 35 minutes to complete an official PrepTest section. Or, do a custom practice session and pick specific subjects to be quizzed on.

Key Logic Games

Learn about the most common types of logic games and do practice questions on this resource page.

Over 7,000 LSAC Practice Questions

All of these questions are licensed from LSAC and have appeared on the LSAT before.

Access to Past LSAT Practice Tests

Your Magoosh subscription includes access to LSAC Prep Plus. Here, you’ll be able to practice with all available past LSATs.

Review Section

Review all the practice questions you’ve done on this section of the dashboard.

Video Lessons and Explanations

Magoosh offers video lessons about many concepts you’ll see on the LSAT. They also provide video explanations with many practice questions.

Supplemental Material and Mobile App

Magoosh has a free blog and study schedules on their website. They also have digital flashcards and over 50 videos on their free mobile app.

Guaranteed 5-Point Score Increase

If your LSAT score doesn’t go up by at least five points after doing their course, you can get your money back.

Seven-Day Free Trial

During the trial, you’ll get access to video lessons, practice questions, and one full practice test.

Seven-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you purchase the course, try it for a few days, and realize it’s not right for you, you can get a full refund.

24/7 Email Response

Email Magoosh with a question, and an LSAT expert will usually get back to you in a few hours.

Keep in mind

No Physical Books or Study Materials

To keep costs low, Magoosh doesn’t provide any physical study materials. Everything is online.

Fewer Practice Problems

While Princeton Review has 8,500 practice questions, Magoosh just has 7,000.

Not Much Structure in Course

Magoosh has a library of videos, and you can choose which ones you want to watch. For students who learn best with guidance, this can be difficult.

No In-Person Classes or One-on-One Tutoring

Everything is self-directed and done on your own schedule.

The Final Grade

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Magoosh’s LSAT course is a great choice for anyone that’s looking for a budget-friendly course that’s still high-quality. From their personalized dashboard to their practice questions, Magoosh has tons to offer test-takers. If you’re looking for a self-guided course that won’t break the break, try Magoosh.

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Manhattan Prep logo
Best for for hands-on learners

Manhattan Prep

If you learn best with lots of hands-on instruction in a small classroom, Manhattan Prep is great for you. This course is also perfect for visual learners who enjoy watching and engaging with videos. Plus, since Manhattan Prep provides textbooks and workbooks, the course is good for those who like studying with physical materials.

Manhattan Prep is renowned for their small class sizes and their interactive video lessons with engaging instructors. They also have thousands of LSAT practice questions.

Manhattan Prep’s online course costs $799 for a six-month pass. Their course with live classes costs $1,499 and provides 36 hours of classroom instruction. Plus, Manhattan Prep has tutoring packages starting at $2,450.

Manhattan Prep’s online course has a modern interface. However, it does take a little while to learn how to navigate the course. This is because many sections aren’t well-labeled. Manhattan Prep also offers textbooks with all of their courses. These textbooks have more test-taking strategies and practice questions.

Students had good things to say about Manhattan Prep’s live classes. There were some negative reviews about the lack of a mobile app, though. Still, most reviews were positive, with many students singling out their instructors for praise.

Why take the Manhattan Prep LSAT course

Lessons With Interactive Videos

The online course features interactive videos, drills, and challenge sets. In total, there are 60 hours of video lessons available.

LSAT Practice Tests and LSAT Navigator

LSAC Prep Plus Access is included in the price of Manhattan Prep’s course. They also provide an LSAT Navigator tool, which grades your practice test.

Physical Textbooks

After signing up for the course, you’ll be sent four textbooks with over 5,000 practice questions.

Small Classes with Knowledgeable Instructors

The instructors are all top LSAT scorers who are incredibly knowledgeable about the test. The classes are small, ensuring that you get a lot of time to interact with your instructor.

Seven-Day Free Trial

During the trial, you’ll get access to two interactive video lessons, two challenge sets, and one practice test.

Free Content and Free Classes

Manhattan Prep has a free LSAT arcade with eight games. They also have a free online trial class.

Private Tutoring and Coaching

The tutors are all LSAT experts who scored in the 99th-percentile of the test.

Keep in mind

No Score Increase Guarantee

Manhattan Prep is one of the only major prep courses that doesn’t have a score increase guarantee.

No Refund Policy

Once you buy the course, you’re fully committed.

No Mobile App

However, you can do the online course on your phone.

More Expensive Tutoring

Tutoring services start at $205 per hour. In comparison, Princeton Review’s tutoring starts at $167 per hour.

The Final Grade

Overall rating: 4/5

Manhattan Prep offers an engaging, interactive online course featuring tons of helpful practice materials. They also have small live classes with teachers who have earned high praise from their past students. There are a few downsides to Manhattan Prep, including their no refund policy and their lack of a score increase guarantee. Overall, though, Manhattan Prep’s top-notch prep course is perfect for anyone who wants to ace the LSAT.

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Kaplan logo
Best for practice questions


Kaplan’s LSAT course is perfect for any student who’s looking for a mix of online practice materials and live classes. It’s also great for visual learners who learn best through watching videos. Plus, with their over 8,000 practice questions, the course is a good choice for anyone who learns best through doing practice questions.

Kaplan is famous for their high-quality classes and online content. They have video lessons and a practice library where you can create customized quizzes. They also have both live in-person and online classes.

Kaplan’s fully online course costs $799 for four months of access. Their courses with live classes range in price from $1,299 to $1,599. Kaplan also has tutoring packages starting at $2,399.

Kaplan’s online course is easy to navigate. All the tabs are well-labeled, and it’s easy to find your class schedule. While Kaplan doesn’t have a mobile app, you can do their online lessons on a smartphone. Kaplan also provides textbooks for all of their courses.

Many past students gave Kaplan good reviews. Many reported that their LSAT score went up after doing the course. However, there were some negative reviews about the online course. Some students said they ran into technical glitches.

All in all, with their mix of top-notch online lessons and live classes, Kaplan offers a great course for test-takers.

Why take the Kaplan LSAT course

Detailed and Engaging Online Course Curriculum

Kaplan’s online course is broken into six core sessions. These sessions feature practice sets and over 150 hours of video lessons.

Practice Library

Here, you can do timed drills on a variety of subjects. In total, Kaplan has over 8,000 practice questions.

LSAC’s LSAT Prep Plus tool

A subscription to LSAC Prep Plus is included in the price of the course. After completing a practice test, Kaplan will send you a ‘smart report’ with detailed, targeted feedback.

Hardcopy Textbooks

After you purchase the course, Kaplan will send you a set of prep books with more practice questions and test-taking strategies.

Score Increase Guarantee

If your LSAT score doesn’t go up after taking Kaplan’s course, you can get a full refund.

Live Classes

Kaplan has both live in-person and online LSAT classes. The classes are taught by LSAT experts.

Free Trial and Free Content

During the 15-day free trial, you can take one free practice test, watch two video lessons, and try a 10-question quiz. Kaplan also has free trial classes.

LSAT Channel

There are over 180 hours of video lessons on the LSAT channel. They also host live sessions here.

Keep in mind

Shorter Access Period

Kaplan has a four-month access period for their course. This is shorter than many other prep courses.

No Mobile App

You can do their online course on your phone, and it is mobile-responsive. The quiz text is tiny on a phone, though.

Limited Free Trial

They only have two videos and one PDF practice quiz in their free trial. You won’t be able to access their practice library.

Larger Class Sizes

Kaplan allows up to 30 students in each of their classes. Other companies, like Manhattan Prep, have much smaller class sizes.

The Final Grade

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Kaplan’s LSAT course has hundreds of hours of video content and a library full of practice questions. Their live classes are taught by LSAT experts, and they have a set of helpful prep books. There are a few negatives to Kaplan’s course, including larger class sizes and a shorter access period. Overall, though, Kaplan goes above and beyond to get their students ready to take the LSAT.

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The Princeton Review logo
Best for video material

Princeton Review

Princeton Review’s LSAT course is perfect for students who are looking for a mix of high-quality online study materials and live instruction. The engaging video lessons also make this course great for visual learners.

For over 35 years, Princeton Review has been helping students prepare for tests. This experience shows in their comprehensive LSAT course. They have courses with live classes and an online course. Their prices range from $799 for the self-paced course to $1,599 for the LSAT 165+ course with live classes. All of their courses provide 120 days of access.

When you log on to Princeton Review’s course, you’ll find a simple online platform. This platform is easy to navigate. While Princeton Review doesn’t have a mobile app, their online platform is mobile-responsive. They also offer hardcopy textbooks with all their courses. These textbooks have over 1,800 pages of material.

Many previous students praised their instructors in their reviews. Other students said the workbooks were helpful. However, there were mixed reviews about Princeton Review’s customer service. Some students said they called over and over and couldn’t get through.

With their high-quality online material and live classes, Princeton Review provides an LSAT prep course that leaves you feeling ready on test day.

Why take the Princeton Review LSAT course

Detailed Lessons With Videos and Practice Problems

The online lessons feature a mix of written materials, practice problems, and videos. There are over 150 hours of video lessons.

LSAC Prep Plus Access

Access to LSAC Prep Plus is included in the price of Princeton Review’s course. They also have six full-length diagnostic tests on their website.

Interactive Score Report

The score reports have a section where you can track your progress over time. They also allow you to sort by difficulty, subject, category, and time.

Textbooks With Practice Problems and Strategies

The textbooks have hundreds more practice problems, and they provide useful test-taking strategies.

Live Classes

All of Princeton Review’s classes are taught by LSAT experts who scored in the 98th percentile or higher. The instructors give homework between classes to reinforce what you learned.

Free Content

You can do one full proctored practice test for free. They also offer free online strategy sessions.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you buy the course, start doing it, and find it isn’t right for you, you can get a full refund.

One-on-One Tutoring Options

They have a 10-hour tutoring package and a 24-hour package. To ensure you’re getting the right tutor, Princeton Review uses tutor matching.

Live Chat

If you have questions, use the live chat box. Here, you can talk to an expert anytime you like.

Score Increase Guarantee

If your score doesn’t go up after doing Princeton Review’s course, you can get your money back. This guarantee applies to all three LSAT courses and the comprehensive tutoring package.

Keep in mind

Shorter Access Time Than Other Courses

Princeton Review provides four months of access to their LSAT course. Other courses, like Magoosh, give up to 12 months of access.

No Mobile App

Their online dashboard is mobile-friendly, though.

No Free Trial and Not Much Free Content

While you can take one class and do one practice test for free, Princeton Review doesn’t have a full free trial. They also don’t provide much free content on their website.

The Final Grade

Overall rating: 4/5

Princeton Review’s comprehensive LSAT prep course has a good mix of live classes and self-paced online lessons. With their thousands of practice questions both online and in their textbooks, you don’t have to worry about running out of practice material. The live classes are also taught by expert instructors who know how to get you ready for test day. Princeton Review’s LSAT course has tons to offer test-takers.

Blueprint logo
Best for live classes


Blueprint’s online course is perfect for students who learn best through watching videos and doing targeted practice questions. Plus, their live online and in-person classes make them a good choice for anyone who learns best in a classroom.

Blueprint is renowned for their live classes and their streamlined online platform with video lessons. They also have customizable practice sets. Their online courses range in price from $699 for a three-month plan to $1,499 for a 12-month plan. Their live class courses range from $1,499 to $1,699.

One of Blueprint’s biggest selling points is their online platform. This streamlined platform works just as well on a phone as it does on a computer. Blueprint also provides hardcopy textbooks for all their students.

Students had positive things to say about Blueprint’s instructors. Some students reported that they ran into glitches on the online dashboard, though. Overall, there were far more positive reviews than negative ones. Many students said the material in the online course matched what was on the real LSAT.

Why take the Blueprint LSAT course

Engaging Video Lessons With Targeted Quizzes

The video instructors use notes, diagrams, and cartoons to keep the video lessons engaging. After watching the video, you’ll do a short targeted quiz.

Adaptive Homework

The homework includes problem sets and drills with official past LSAT questions. The homework is adaptive—if you do well on a problem set, the next set will be more difficult.

Customizable Practice Sets

You can choose how many problems you want to do and the difficulty level of the questions.

LSAC Prep Plus Access and Interactive Score Reports

Like many other LSAT courses, Blueprint lets you add-on LSAC Prep Plus Access. You can do the practice tests on Blueprint’s interface, and you’ll get an interactive score report afterward.

Hardcopy Textbooks

The textbooks follow the online lessons, and they have more practice questions.

Online Review Sessions and Proctored Exams

Blueprint hosts free online two-hour review sessions almost every day. They also frequently host live online proctored exams.

Customized Study Plan

Tell Blueprint when you’re taking the LSAT, and they’ll create a study schedule that’s designed to get you ready by test day.

Live Classes

The instructors are all top LSAT scorers, and they do over 100 hours of training with Blueprint.

Free Resources

Blueprint has a free LSAT practice exam and free downloadable LSAT flashcards. You can also try the free two-hour LSAT Online Preview class.

Score Increase Guarantee

If your LSAT score doesn’t go up after doing Blueprint’s course, you can get your money back.

One-on-One Tutoring Services

Blueprint’s tutors are all top 98th-percentile LSAT scorers who know the test inside and out.

Keep in mind

No Mobile App

While they don’t have a mobile app, their online course is mobile-responsive.

Shorter Trial Period

Many LSAT courses provide a seven-day free trial, but Blueprint only offers five days. You also have to put money down before starting the trial.

More Expensive Tutoring Packages

Blueprint’s 10-hour package costs $1,999 while Princeton Review’s costs $1,800.

The Final Grade

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Blueprint delivers a top-notch online course with memorable video lessons and thousands of practice questions. They also have engaging live classes, live online help sessions, and tons of extra resources. There are a few negatives, like their expensive tutoring and short trial. But by and large, Blueprint delivers a great LSAT course.

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7Sage logo
Best for ease of use


7Sage is great for students looking for a self-guided course they can do on their own schedule. Plus, since 7Sage has so many practice questions, the course is perfect for students who learn best by doing hands-on work.

7Sage is an online LSAT course with video lessons, thousands of practice questions, and an active message board. The course is budget-friendly. The Month by Month course costs $69 a month, and the 12 Months Prepaid Plan costs $599 per year.

7Sage’s dashboard is easy to navigate and everything is clearly labeled. They also have a mobile app where you can access the full course and some more free features. 7Sage doesn’t have textbooks, though. Everything is done online.

Students left positive reviews about 7Sage’s video lessons. Other students said the course was great for logic games. On the other hand, some reviewers felt the reading comprehension section could have more material.

With their user-friendly dashboard and 7,500 practice questions, 7Sage is a great choice for anyone looking for an online course that won’t break the bank.

Why take the 7Sage LSAT course

Core Curriculum With Video Lessons

Each section features a mix of written lessons and video lessons. The sections also include a few short quizzes.

Question Bank

There are three sections in the question bank: logic games, reading comprehension, and logical reasoning. There are filters you can use to narrow down the questions.

LSAC Prep Plus Access LSAT Analytics

7Sage provides some great features to go along with your Prep Plus Access. This includes an LSAT Analytics page that shows your performance on all the practice tests you’ve taken.

Question Explanation Videos for Prep Tests

7Sage has explanation videos for almost every practice test. These videos give in-depth looks at how to solve even the most difficult problems.

LSAT Score Conversion

Input a raw LSAT score, and 7Sage tells you what the scaled equivalent is. They’ll also tell you what percentile rank the score falls in.

Discussion Forum and Study Buddies

7Sage’s discussion forum is very active. They also have a ‘study buddies’ feature that helps you find LSAT test-takers in your area.

Personalized Study Schedule

Input the date you’re starting to study and the date of your test. Then, 7Sage tells you how many hours you’ll need to study per week.

Mobile App

You can access the online course on the app. There are also some free features, including a virtual proctor.

Free Trial and Free Resources

7Sage offers video lessons and practice questions in their trial, and they provide one free practice test. On their website, they have a free blog and a law school admissions primer page.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you start the course and find it isn’t right for you, you can get a full refund.

Keep in mind

No Live Classes

To keep their course prices low, 7Sage doesn’t have any live classes.

No Tutoring

7Sage also doesn’t have one-on-one tutoring services. Their course is all self-directed.

No Textbooks

They also don’t offer any hardcopy textbooks.

No Proctored Exams

Some LSAT prep courses provide live proctored exams, but 7Sage doesn’t have this feature. They only have a virtual proctor.

No Score Increase Guarantee

Many LSAT prep courses have a score increase guarantee, but 7Sage doesn’t offer this feature.

The Final Grade

Overall rating: 3.5/5

7Sage is great for anyone looking for a course with an easy-to-navigate online platform and thousands of practice questions. To keep their prices low, 7Sage doesn’t offer any live classes or tutoring, which could be difficult for some students. But overall, 7Sage provides a good budget-friendly online course.

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LSATMax logo
Best for self-paced learners


LSATMax’s course is perfect for students and professionals who are looking for a flexible, self-guided course. The course is also great for anyone who learns best through watching videos and doing practice drills.

If you’re looking for a fully online course with tutoring packages, try LSATMax. This course has over 100 hours of video lessons and weekly virtual office hours. Their courses range in price from $595 for 60 days of access to $1,400 for a full year of access.

LSATMax claims to have a modern online course, and they deliver on this promise. Their dashboard has bold colors and easy-to-understand symbols. They have an app with the same dashboard and features. They also provide textbooks for all of their courses.

There were some mixed reviews from former students about LSATMax’s videos. Some students thought they were very helpful, while others found them to be dry. Some other students wished there were more explanation videos to go along with the practice questions. Overall, though, there were more positive reviews than negative ones. Many students said LSATMax helped raise their LSAT score.

Why take the LSATMax LSAT course

Online Course With Video and Audio Lessons

LSATMax’s online course has about 40 sections. The sections feature video lessons, podcast-style audio lessons, flashcards, and practice questions.

Practice Questions and Flashcard Drills

After you watch a video lesson, you’ll do a set of practice questions. Some sections also include virtual flashcards.

LSAT Test Simulator

You can add on Prep Plus Access to your subscription for $99. LSATMax also offers an LSAT test simulator with a virtual proctor.

LSAT Analytics

On the analytics page, you’ll see how you scored on each section of a practice test. You can see all the questions you got right and wrong.

Message Board

Message LSATMax’s instructors anytime you like through their message board. You can also talk to your fellow test-takers here.

Virtual Office Hour Sessions

LSATMax hosts weekly virtual office hours. The sessions are usually an hour long, and they’re hosted by LSATMax’s top-scoring instructors.

Tutoring Services

After you’re matched with a tutor, you’ll do an evaluation. Your tutor will then give you a customized study plan based on your evaluation and score goals.

Mobile App

LSATMax’s mobile app has the same modern dashboard as their online course. After you sign-in on the app, you can access all of your lessons, practice tests, and practice questions.

Four Hardcopy Textbooks

These textbooks include lessons and more practice questions.

Free Trial and Free Resources

During the free trial, you can watch a few videos, listen to audio lessons, do practice questions, and do a practice test. They also have a free blog and free eBook on their website.

Study Calendars

LSATMax provides a set of downloadable study calendars. These study calendars all cover five months.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you start LSATMax’s course and find it isn’t right for you, you can get your money back.

Score Increase Guarantee

If your score doesn’t go up after doing the course, contact LSATMax and you can get your money back.

Keep in mind

No Live Classes

Their entire course is done online and on your own time.

No Search Function for Lessons

If you want to find a lesson, you’ll have to simply keep scrolling. There’s no search box available.

Videos Could Be More Engaging

Some former students felt that the instructors in LSATMax’s videos could be more engaging. They felt the instructors were a bit flat and dry.

The Final Grade

Overall rating: 4/5

If you’re looking for an online course that you can do on your own time, LSATMax is a good choice. With over 100 hours of videos and thousands of practice questions, you won’t have to worry about running out of study material. Plus, if you have questions, you can always attend one of their weekly live sessions. LSATMax is a great alternative to traditional classroom test prep courses.

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Important features to consider

Every LSAT prep course has features that set it apart from other courses on the market. Some have engaging video lessons. Others provide interactive score reports. Others have more practice questions. When you’re choosing a course, these are the features to pay attention to.

Online dashboard

The courses we covered all have user-friendly online dashboards. This is important because you want to spend your time studying, not trying to figure out where video lessons are located.

Walk through videos

A course’s video lessons should be engaging and taught by LSAT experts. These instructors should be able to explain difficult concepts in a succinct, clear way.

LSAC Prep Plus Access

Look for a course that offers LSAC Prep Plus Access. This will allow you to easily do practice tests. Also, check out the score report features the course offers.

Practice questions

The course should have practice questions from past LSATs. There should also be an easy way for you to filter the questions.


If you’re doing a course with live classes, look for some instructor reviews. An LSAT instructor can make or break a class.

Score increase guarantee

A score increase guarantee gives you peace of mind as you do the course. This way, you’ll know you can get your money back if the course doesn’t raise your score.

What you get if you upgrade

Most LSAT prep courses have plans at a variety of price points. If you choose to upgrade, you’ll usually get a few more features. Here are some of the features you may get if you decide to pay a bit more.

Live classes

Many LSAT prep courses include live classes with their higher-priced plans. Be sure to look at class sizes before picking a course.

Personal tutor

If you want one-on-one help and a customized study plan, a tutor is a good choice for you. Many LSAT prep courses have tutoring packages.

Longer access period

If you want extra time to study, consider paying for a longer access period in your LSAT course.

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